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Story of the Bus Bar

Our 1966 Bristol Lodekka Double Decker Bus

Our delightful bus has had a colourful life starting out in life in West Yorkshire in 1966 serving customers after being allocated to York until the 1980’s when our bus took a different career as a driver training bus for Yorkshire Rider Ltd.

During the 1990’s, the bus semi-retired and was converted into mobile home in Avebury area then Brighton.

After several varying paint jobs our bus went into preservation, then was somewhat neglected in 2011 and left to deteriorate in 2011 outside.

New panels were fitted, a beautiful paint job, we then cleaned the original windows and fitted them back with brand new outer rubbers, new flooring throughout, staircase, we carefully tried to use original parts to keep its features, not forgetting the mechanical side of the job, there was lots of tinkering to ensure this old bus was fit to run.

To be fair the biggest task was deciding where to start! The biggest surprise was probably the old bus started first time.

The bus was then ready for its brand new bar fit out, taking this old bus to a brand new level.

We cannot thank friends and family enough for the time and efforts they gave us in the mammoth task of this huge “Grand Design” In May 2019 “The Yorkshire Bus Bar” made its maiden trip to The Tour De Yorkshire event in Scarborough.

We couldn’t be prouder.

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